Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Zee View ov Modern Britain

Anglo-German miscomprehension remains and is revealled in this rather harsh view of Britain from Thomas Huetlin, the London correspondent for Der Spiegel magazine. Here the Independent gives a summary.

There are however grains of truth from an outsider looking in:

I particularly liked:

"Life in Britain, meanwhile, resembles a giant face-lift operation - look better, live better, cook better - paraded on endless TV programmes. Understatement, charm and stoicism - once prime British values - have been replaced by a general desire for loads of money,"

I'm not completely sure about:

"The dreadful habits of the British include: "The drinking of very much beer in a very short time, going for a walk without socks in winter, the delusion that 42 years after its last win, the national soccer team belongs to a world elite - and, of course, the fact that the Hun is still enemy No 1 - even in the age of Osama bin Laden."

At least not the football bit !

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heinrich (aka steve) said...

zis is zall rather amuzing