Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thank you dear readers !

Today this site reached 5,000 on its stat counter installed last August. There have been some slow moments but glad to still be enjoying writing this.

And thank you to all those 5,000 whether on regular return visits with multiple page loads or on one off accidental visits. You are all welcome.

Something I like looking at is where my readers come from. For a London blog I view it as an achievement, not only to have London readers but to have readers from around the world as London remains in many ways the crossroads of the world.

Here, courtesy of stat counter are the locations of you the latest 100 readers up until this evening :

29 London England United Kingdom
11 Stansted England United Kingdom
7 Unknown !
4 Reykjavík Reykjavik Iceland
3 Derry New Hampshire United States
3 Lawrence Massachusetts United States
3 Rochester England United Kingdom
2 Paris Ile-de-france France
2 San Diego California United States
2 Liverpool England United Kingdom
2 Winsford England United Kingdom
1 Zurich Zurich Switzerland
1 Detroit Michigan United States
1 Silver Spring Maryland United States
1 Gothenburg Vastra Gotaland Sweden
1 Prince George British Columbia Canada
1 New York New York United States
1 Los Angeles California United States
1 Plano Texas United States
1 Sacramento California United States
1 San Jose California United States
1 Galveston Texas United States
1 Baldwin City Kansas United States
1 Antwerp Antwerpen Belgium
1 The Hague Zuid-holland Netherlands
1 San Antonio Texas United States
1 Milano Lombardia Italy
1 Seattle Washington United States
1 Vienna Virginia United States
1 Bellevue Washington United States
1 San Francisco California United States
1 Barcelona Cataluña Spain
1 Mckinney Texas United States
1 Stafford England United Kingdom
1 Brooklyn New York United States

Here's to the next 5,000 !

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