Saturday, August 22, 2009

All form is impermanent

including this blog................

Just a note to those who check in to this blog periodically that I am planning to make this my last entry unless something truly unexpected happens.

There is so much I could and would have liked to have written on in recent months but my current life of work and family commitments does not seem to leave me the time !

Maybe some other blog will arise in due course. However I think the time has come to close this one. In the last year I have struggled to decide whether it is really a political blog, really an account of my periodic travels or really a personal moan about all I see as wrong in the world !

I still enjoy reading a number of blogs and continue to do so (I hope they know who they are)

I just want to conclude my own blog for now.

I admire all those who juggle schedules more demanding than mine and still manage to produce an interesting blog. I don't know how they do it !

So for now, I wish anyone who lands here all the best.

Nothing in this world lasts forever so make the most of the moment you have !

Best wishes to all who have ever read or commented on this blog.

The great city of London is still here but this Londoner will be devoting his time to other things from here on.