Saturday, May 05, 2007

Peep Show

As a nation we have such a strong archive of classic comedy that it is easy to overlook some great new comedy being made.

After all, even "The Office" is over 5 years old and is probably almost a classic now.

Foremost amongst new comedy I've seen has to be Peep Show from Channel 4.

The show centres around the dysfunctional friendship of two very different University mates. Mark is the geeky one who took up a sensible profession while maintaining a unsually high interest in World War II while Jeremy is a failed musician come waster who can't get his life together but manages to have quite a good time sponging off Mark..

The character are played by Mitchell and Webb, now seen advertising Mac computers and starring in a film about to be released "Magicians".

In real life Mitchell and Webb also met at University but in reality Cambridge rather than Dartmouth as stated in the Peep Show.

Family viewing and PC this isn't but for anyone who hasn't discovered Peep Show (it is already in its fourth series) I can recommend something that is sure to join the long line of British comedy greats. At first glance Mark and Jeremy come across as completely amoral but somewhere deep inside they do care about somethings and maybe aren't so different from some of us after all.

Peep Show, Fridays 10.30pm Channel 4

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