Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's a funny old world

Was just reviewing my latest reader stats. Always amusing (not to say sometimes a little strange) is the bizarre collection of search engine results that lead non-regular readers to stumble across the blog for the first time.

These are the latest results that lead people here. You will see that you have quite a diverse range of interests ! Anyway all readers, accidental or intentional, are very welcome. Keep searching !

glen maderios

jo o'meara gay?

hoxton and shoreditch 1989

bluewater kidnap

andrea peyser

glenn madeiros noting gonna change my love for you vertalen in de nederlands

horse-drawn edwardian hackney photos

london na

reykjavik stag gay

1980s in london

der spiegel thomas huetlin dont mention the beer

what does london calling mean

thomas huetlin

madeleine mccann

war brides 1944 london england to canada

abramovich kusadasi

the roman abramovich machine

delivery driver london

photo lorry delivery in bus lane

who is ysabella brave

the sun newspaper robert murat madeleine mccann

british tabloids

robert murat

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