Saturday, May 19, 2007

Definitions of Irony

A bit of a youtube fest today I'm afraid- Mrs. Donatella is out with friends and I am taking a "break" from tidying up !

Here are two examples of irony from an all too familiar global accounting and consultancy firm.

The first is probably unintentional:

The second is almost definitely (hopefully) intended to be ironic with tongue firmly in cheek:

Oh dear- get a life !


Steve said...

oh my God ! That is pathetic !

Anonymous said...

as someone has said-

Corporate greed gone mad. The big four turn some of the world's most promising young minds into narcissistic morons. Imagine if Nelson Mandela had joined PwC instead of the ANC.

Luis said...

Thank you both.

Yes fully agree Steve. Most pathetic.

Anonymous- there are probably worse examples of corporate greed gone mad. I hope they don't turn every mind into a narcissistic moron or I am in trouble !!

Interesting thought about Nelson Mandela. I guess in reality he wouldn't have been able to join PwC in South Africa. Suffering creates its own heroes. I guess in different circumstances a Nelson Mandela mind could fade into dull abscurity by following a conventional path. A free society involves freedom to be boring as well as freedom to be exciting. It's stating the obvious that freedom does not necessarily result in good choices while oppression can sometimes force out the best in people.

For me there is nothing inherently wrong in the Big 4 but the attempts to make that career choice exciting and world changing is laughable not to say delusional. I speak from (painful) experience.

I think that is what the song is trying to send up.

cynical accountant said...

PwC- is that the one that charges out inexperienced graduates at £300 an hour and terms it "professional services" ?!

Luis said...

That could be the one. I imagine you could find some experienced graduates there too- but they probably cost a bit more :-)

Anonymous said...

the music video - LOL !