Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gordon's in the house

Prime Minister-to-be Gordon Brown came into our office today !

Or to be strictly truthful, he came into the same building as where I work. I work in a large 6 storey, former government building that is now owned by the media giant Bloomberg. My firm rents a couple of floors which includes the floor where I work.

"Gordon" came to see Bloomberg to mark the date when he became the unopposed candidate to replace Tony Blair. I didn't see Gordon as he is hardly a rock star and it would have looked a bit strange if we'd all run to the front of the building to see him.

My colleague Stavros showed no such inhibitions. Non-smoking Stavros accompanied regular smoker Sheila to the bus stop at the front of the building. There was still a no show from Gordon when Sheila finished her "fag". So Stavros loyally stayed outside until Gordon emerged and then came back to work a satisfied customer. This was the same Stavros who managed to forward me (and others) two emailed jokes in the first hour of work yesterday morning. Stavros is no workaholic !

We then all heard the Police sirens and Gordon disappeared. That's as close as I get to celebrities in my office :-(

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