Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spending January in the Night Garden

Oh dear. A whole month has passed and I have not posted to my blog.

I suppose I could say this is winter and spring will yet come. That is at least seasonally true and I hope creatively too.

Where there was once time to think and write there is now more to do at work and much more to do at home- mainly a little boy who needs entertaining (his Mother would say she does most of the rest !).

Anyway I thought I would give a flavour of my life at present and at least note that I am still alive and well this January evening.

Where I would have once watched serious programmes like Newsnight and Panorama, my television watching is more varied now. The same could be said for my reading but I cannot show that here.

Below is a clip from "In the Night Garden", which has become regular viewing in our household this January :

Hopefully, back soon with some other thoughts from London.....

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Past

Christmas has been and gone, New Year is here and the sales are even in their latter half.

Today there was a sense that those commuting to work were taking part in a forced march. No one seemed to want to me there, the walk spoke of both resentment and disappointment that the Christmas period had ended so quickly.

I overheard two young women on the train discussing a former friend who they had fallen out with. The former friend had had the cheek to remove their "friend" status in Facebook. In 2008 this was the worst thing a friend could possibly do and they attacked her with relish.

A cold wind is blowing accross London and snow is forecast. Christmas has gone but there may still be a long winter to come.

Happy New Year everyone !