Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Woody Allen world conspiracy

Below is an example of Iranian TV levelling rather improbable allegations of Jewish conspiracy against Woody Allen and his films.

Woody Allen is an acquired taste and I realise he doesn't appeal to all. However this film sounds like an Iranian version of a 1930's Nazi propoganda video. It is rather bizarre, not to say disturbing, to see such views in the twenty-first century. Woody Allen also makes a rather unlikely target as he is hardly an Israeli hardliner having been born and raised in Brooklyn. If anything he is normally associated with the New York artistic left. This suggests the motivation of the propoganda film is simply anti-semitic rather than anti-Israeli.

For anyone unfamiliar with Woody Allen and his films (where have you been ?!) here is an example of his "brainwashing" activities from the start of Annie Hall:

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