Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tibet comes to Westminster

Last post for a little bit.

Just saw that there has this morning been a protest under Westminster Bridge.

This clip shows what happened when protestors unfurled a "Free Tibet" banner next to the Houses of Parliament. A reminder of what a relatively free city we live in:


cw-patriot said...

Reported in a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal:

The IOC [International Olympic Committee] sent a memo to its members advising them on how to respond to media scrutiny of China's human-rights record, and reminding athletes that any 'proactive political or religious expression' will be punished.

The people of free nations are apparently being told by their governments, and by once-principled international organizations, to 'look the other way'. The world is in a very sorry state, Luis.

~ joanie

Luis said...


Thank you for highlighting this.

I agree it shocking that Chinese government power seems to now extend to people of other nations and international organisations.

The Greeks, for one, seemed terrified to keep them happy.

It is indeed a sorry state when those in authority just want us all to look the other way for easier life with the Chinese Government.