Thursday, April 17, 2008

1 torch, 1 and a half miles, 30 minutes, 15,000 policemen

The world journey of the Beijing Olympic torch has reached India.

Their 1 and a half mile relay compares to 31 miles in London but the Indians needed 7 and a half times more police than London to protect the route.

Such is the appeal of this torch that it must be protected from any member of the public. In Pakistan they went the whole way and just ran it round a stadium.

"Farce", hardly does this process justice in describing its sheer madness.

Here is a chilling reminder of why many feel it is wrong to hold the Olympics in Beijing. This video has been banned and removed from several more pro-China websites but remains in circulation.

What it shows is the moment when a group of Tibetans trying to leave Chinese territory and enter Nepal are spotted by members of the People's Liberation Army. It all takes place high in the snow-capped Himilayas.

What was unique about this situation was that it was all seen and captured on film by European mountain climbers. It is a grim event but shows the brutality of the People's Republic of China towards those who dissent. In this case all they wanted to do was leave the country:

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