Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Peace and Harmony: Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Hitler ?

An interesting article from today's Independent on the Nazi origins of the current Olympic flame rituals. This undermines the current nonsensical view that the Olympic flame is somehow "sacred"and a symbol of peace and harmony (sponsored by Coca Cola and Samsung !).

Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Hitler ?

Contary to the lies peddled by the IOC and others the current ceremony did not originate in Ancient Greece or even in the nineteenth century but courtesy of Nazi Germany in the 1936 Munich Games.

The bit I enjoyed most in the article was the bit about the worker relighting the torch in Montreal 1976 with a cigarette lighter- much to the horror of Olympic fantatics !

I don't mean to offend but we should be aware of the origins of this flame that is causing such a lot of fuss and the Chinese Government are fighting so hard to keep burning and parade through various world cities.


Anonymous said...

Just watch this, you will have your conclusion.


Luis said...

Thank you for this.

I have to say that I find the video far from credible. Nonetheless it is a clever little piece of propaganda in interweaving documentary, your personal opinions and some slightly peculiar American comics !

The one point I would acknowledge is that the past, be it in Tibet or anywhere else for that matter was far from perfect.

I think anyone wanting Tibetan freedom is not advocating a return to feudalism. Basic human rights, the end of forced sterilisations and the end of repressive jail terms and torture for those asking for freedom would be a good start.

I also think your video highlights a certain danger for all those who campaign for the legitimate goal of Tibetan rights. That danger is that it should not turn into an anti-Chinese campaign.

This is an all to easy trap to fall into.

It is a trap and it is also wrong.

I have been to Chinese territory and I find the Chinese people a cultured and friendly people.

When I criticise the PRC I do not think simply of Tibetan oppression. I remember also the Han Chinese massacred in Tiananmen Square, I remember the 70 million Chinese who died under Mao, I remember those Han Chinese who to this day get thrown into jail for demanding freedom.

The people who have suffered most under the Chinese Government are the Chinese themselves.

That is not to say there are not winners today. There must always be winners in any regime and the Bentley drivers of Beijing and Shanghai can certainly be seen as economic winners today.

Nonetheless the right of people everywhere to freedom whether Tibetan, Chinese, Zimbabwean, Sudanese, Irish, English, Welsh or of any nationality is non-negotiable.

It is for this reason that we oppose the Chinese Government.

But never let it be thought that we in Britain are against the Chinese people.

We are not and we never will be.

I believe freedom will one day come to all in China but whether that is soon or in a hundred years is ultimately a question of destiny and one in the hands of all the Chinese people.

Luis said...

Also, while we are in the business of sharing links you may be interested in this one


It may be an explanation as to why some of the film from Llhasa shows Buddist monks acting in uncharacteristically violent ways.