Monday, April 07, 2008

Running Free in Fleet Street

This was the scene when the Olympic flame procession seemed to break up as it left Aldwich and entered Fleet Street, the historic home of the British press. The bells of St. Clement Danes church can be heard ringing out as police and protestors run after the Olympic torch some way ahead. Then the buses carrying the Chinese Olympic delegation can be seen passing. The Chinese siting quietly on their buses in contrast to their rather brutal "Flame attendendant" cousins outside are almost from another world when confronted by Londoners running along the street in protest.

It was a surreal moment and not something I have ever seen in London before. What is also noteworthy is everyone is completely good natured and friendly.

The video is a little jumpy as I was running to keep up some of the time but I think it gives a real feeling of what the London Olympic torch relay was really like on Sunday.

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