Saturday, April 05, 2008

In Praise of Gordon Ramsay !

Gordon Ramsay, the "celebrity TV chef" is not someone who I normally take too much interest in. All that bluster and swearing in his cookery programmes or when he is berating a provincial restaurant owner as to why they don't do things like he does all seem a bit unnecessary.

However it is clear he has got his audience and he does have a life story of note and has faced an element of struggle that has ended in success.

The word that could also be used about him is "integrity". He is what he is, whether you like that or not. It is therefore pleasing that he has shown this integrity by refusing to carry the Olympic torch, according to the Evening Standard. He is not the only one who is leaving the herd of celebrities and making a stand. Others are shown here.

I will look at Mr. Ramsay in a new light now !

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