Monday, March 12, 2007

Second chance

The Channel 4 documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" has provoked a lot of comment and debate in the last few days.

For anyone who missed it the first time but wants to see it for themselves, it is showing at 10pm on More 4 in the UK this evening.

Meanwhile it remains available online.


cw-patriot said...

It appears that the video has been removed from Google. I'm grateful that I was able to see it before it disappeared. It absolutely corroborated just about everything that I have been reading about global warming for several years.

Thanks, again, Luis for the steer there. We need to keep doing our own research on the subject because the international media have been found lacking.

Posted my own essay on global warming on my blog today, although I'm not optimistic about awakening the populace to the scam.

~ joanie

Luis said...


It does indeed appear to have been removed. I do not know why this is.

If I find it in an alternative location I will let you know and post a link on the blog.

Maybe it was just getting a bit "too popular" for its own good ? I honestly don't know. There may be some logical explanation or it may be available elsewhere.


cw-patriot said...


My sincere sympathies to you over there for having to put up with Al Gore and his phony ‘science’ yet again this week!

Last week a Congressional House Committee on Energy and Environment hearing ‘starred’ Mr. Gore. He testified before the committee (and I forced myself to watch the entire proceedings on television – it’s always good to know what kind of garbage this man is spewing, so as to be able to counter it when others quote his lies).

During his testimony, the chamber was packed, and there were dozens of reporters taking notes and photos the entire time he was speaking.

Then, when a learned gentleman from Denmark rose to present the opposing view, the chamber rapidly emptied. Few of the House representatives remained (fewer than ten percent of those who had listened to Gore) ... and there wasn’t a reporter in sight.

As a result, our evening news programs were brimming over with 'facts according to Gore', and there was absolutely no mention of the opposing view.

That is sickening not only because of the unfairness of it all, but, secondarily, because there once was a time in America when we took pride in the courtesy shown to someone who visited our Congress from another nation. It would appear that such courtesy is now passé. We have become a nation of boors, at least where much of our agenda-driven leadership in Washington is concerned.

Best to you, Luis. And thanks, again, for your dedication to unearthing the truth about this bogus ‘science’.

~ joanie