Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Food costing £424 thrown in the bin.............

That is the extraordinary statistic for the value of food thrown away by every person in Britain each year.

In my household I am the " human composter", rushing to eat yogurts and similar just past their sell-by date. Sadly I fail sometimes and when food is uneaten by me as the last line of defence, it goes in the bin.

Contemporary methods of shopping build in or even encourage food waste. Often we simply buy too much.

Whatever the cause, it is a shocking waste of food others would give so much for, not to mention thowing our own money away.

I am not sure whether my household conforms to the average level of food wastage but Brits have no room to be complacent- we even waste more food than Americans !

WRAP, the organisation behind this statistic has some tips on how wasteage of food (and money) can be reduced.


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