Thursday, March 08, 2007

RIP Mr. Humphries

The late John Inman as "Mr. Humphries" in "Are you being Served?"

Very sorry to see that John Inman died today. He was 71.

I am sure he achieved much and did much in his life. I will always remember him as Mr. Humphries in British TV's "Are you being served ?". He was best known for being Camp with a capital C and his famous catchphrase "I'm free".

All the series of "Are you being Served?" are available on DVD and for anyone who doesn't know the series it gives a comic but realistic image of an England that has since passed through the lens of a not very fashionable department store.

In many ways the 1970s and early 80s represented in the series was a more innocent time when humour could be suggestive without being vulgar. The dingy high street department store of Grace Brothers is almost unrecognisable in contrast to the mega retail groups selling fashion through shopping centres and malls that blast piped pop music at all potential shoppers.
It is amazing how much things have changed on the British high street in 30 years.

Living in Malta in the early 80s I even remember that the series attracted viewers of all ages from that Mediterranean Island ! In fact "Are you being Served?" was popular across much of the world.

You will be missed, John Inman and Mr. Humphries.

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You will be missed John.