Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cameron in Nottingham

I spent the weekend doing something I haven't done for two and half years. I attended a political conference- in this case the Spring Forum of the Conservative Party held in Nottingham.

It was an interesting weekend, maybe one more of style than substance and of soundbites rather than policies. That said, the tone was positive and in touch with real issues that effect the Country and world today. A lot has been written about the new Conservative leader David Cameron. This was my first chance to see him up close.

I am rather too jaded to write something that will do the weekend and subjects raised justice. Hopefully this will happen tomorrow. In the meantime here are some photos from today in Nottingham.

Hail from the Chief- "Dave" salutes the audience

DC on the big screen- suitable health service related photos adorn the stage !

Dave at the rostrum- the nurses to the right are just photos !

The press pack hovers waiting for action

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