Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle

See link to the full length showing of Channel 4's "The Great Global Warming Swindle". Worth watching whatever your views on this subject. It certainly raises some interesting questions e.g.

1) Why do CO2 increases lag behind temperatures rises i.e. temperature rises before CO2 rises ?
2) Why do changes in solar activity provide a far closer "fit" to changes in temperature than industrial output ?


cw-patriot said...


Sincere thanks for the steer to this absolutely excellent exposé on the global warming hoax. I have been incensed about the subject for quite a while now, especially since so many American politicians are making a name for themselves by supporting an outright, and extraordinarily malevolent, lie.

Your essay below is superb, and I applaud you for taking the time to summarize the program (very well), as well as adding your own well-reasoned thoughts on the subject.

I, too, watched the channel 4 production tonight, and I am impressed by the producers' rare honesty, and in-depth research, on the subject. It is mesmerizing, and it completely supports much of what I have read on the subject, written by countless climate scientists and physicists.

Will be writing an essay on global warming on my own blog within the next week or two, and the information contained in the channel 4 program, as well as your own opinions on the theory and the program’s presentation of it, will be invaluable. Many thanks!

~ joanie

Luis said...

Thank you Joanie,

Glad you found the programme interesting. It is quite rare to have such a well researched and intelligent programme on British TV !

I must admit I am rather new to the world of "global warming scepticism". Naturally, I was aware that there were alternative theories but like most people I was probably inclined to accept the theory, if only on the basis of the "great and good" who supported it.

Seeing this programme with so many well researched scientists raising doubts has certainly been an eye opener to me.

As I wrote in my post, I still see legitimate grounds for reducing oil dependency where possible and of course protecting areas of unspoilt natural beauty. Nonetheless if "global warming theory" is wrong this does have huge implications and is something we should all know about.

To think that one of the biggest global political issues of the age (if not the biggest political issue) could be based on bad science is certainly an amazing situation.

The agressive resistance of the pro-global wamring theorists only raises my doubts further. If the theory is right, why be so worried about the present minority who challenge it ? If the majority already accept the theory surely the sceptics are an irrelevance as time will prove them wrong. The fact that sceptics are not seen as so irrelevant suggests that the supporters of the theory have something to hide !

I look forward to reading your thoughts on your blog in due course.