Monday, December 11, 2006

Jobs for the boys

I went to work in Hong Kong today.

The firm I work for has nice offices in featureless skyscraper.After being introduced to the staff and sitting down to work, I went in seach of the loo. I found a male, female and "executive" toilet but all three were locked.

I then returned to reception where they directed me to alternative "facilities". However I was told that in future I could gain access to the nearer toilets by asking "the boy" for the key.

Confused by this I enquired with other colleagues. Apparently the office has 12 boys, one of whom is female but gets upset if not also referred to as a boy.

"Boys" in Hong Kong are doing a variety of messenger and practical jobs in Hong Kong. They are mainly young hence the description.Later on I saw the female boy who had suitably short hair combined with severe glasses. I can see why she might be offended to be called a girl !

Then later I saw another female looking "boy" so I am confused as there is only supposed to be one female boy !

Towards the end of the day the boys all sit in the stationary office playing cards on the computers. It is a sign that the end of the day is coming when there are no longer any jobs for the boys..........

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Anonymous said...

It is not very convinient system as far as the loo is concerned! What if you do not have time anymore to look for those boys/girls?:-)

I suggest, dear, you get hold of your own keys on the condition of being guest!

Hope other services are a bit more relevant to the work environment:-)