Monday, December 04, 2006

Frothing at the mouth

An incredibly exciting start to the week.

One of my colleagues offered to make coffee this morning. My other colleague, the frothy coffee lover mentioned last week sent it back for being "flat". Well he didn't actually send it back but took it back and quite demonstrably made himself a frothy one ! The offending coffee maker has vowed not to offer his services in future. Both men are in their late forties !

Then this evening, in order to improve my professional education, I went to a lecture on "auditing". Those present were looking incredibly bored but we did get a few tips on what the "best sellers" were in terms of books on auditing !

Wine and nibbles followed the lecture but a surprising number, including myself, made for the door and the train home !

Anyway Christmas will be here soon and I shortly go to Hong Kong for a work related visit.

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