Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hong Kong tinted spectacles...............

Two views of Hong Kong Island from the Kowloon Penninsular, this evening.

And 5 things that are better in Hong Kong than London:
1) Trains. Sheer luxury in the train from the airport to the City Centre. Also a metro service that is air conditioned and seems to work.
2) No "hoodies". Very little evidence of delinquent youths in general !
3) Better security and absence of crime. Although this is always easier to achieve in "less democratic" situations !
4) Prices. A high standard of living but much cheaper than London e.g. metro fares, electrical goods, restaurants.
5) Weather. Enough said !
Anyway its not all rosey so back soon (or when I'm back in London !) with some areas where London beats Hong Kong !


Kirogi Appa said...

Nice blog, enjoyable read. I should be more ambitious with mine - and more anonymous probably

cw-patriot said...

Thanks for sharing the interesting observations about, and beautiful pictures of, Hong Kong. The photo of 'the Peak' is especially exquisite!

Best wishes to you and yours, Luis, for a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with Peace and Contentment ...

~ joanie

Luis said...

Many thanks for your comments Kirogi and welcome !

Nice to hear from you Joanie. Glad you like the photo.

I hope to be back with more "writing" shortly.

Merry Christmas all !