Thursday, December 28, 2006

After Christmas..............

I was "obliged" to visit the Christmas sales. This was the grim scene of consumerism yesterday at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent England.

There was also barely a spare seat at the Bluewater sushi bar. There has obviously not been a polonium-related dip in this line........................

I guess I was relatively easy to spot- the unenthusiastic shopper taking photos of all the others :-)


cw-patriot said...

… the grim scene of consumerism

I like your choice of wording, Luis. :)

I avoid shopping with a passion (I’d rather stick a hot poker in my eye than visit our local mall), but am, of course, forced to make an appearance or two there during the Christmas season each year – although I have fairly successfully managed to do a lot of my shopping over the internet (God bless modern technology! :)

Your penchant of late to add photos to your essays is wonderful. They truly bring your thoughts to life. (I found myself actually studying the one depicting the sushi bar. It’s artistic, as well as an effective visual complement to your thoughts.)

Best wishes to your and yours for a healthy and contentment-filled 2007 …

~ joanie

Luis said...


Many thanks for your comments. I am glad you like the photos and I am pleased we share similar views on shopping :-)

All the best for 2007 to you and your family also.