Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Living in the Lap of Luxury...............

Thought for tonight !

I was talking with my brother yesterday and he mentioned how the top floor of a building in a Kent town was being converted into "Luxury flats".

We then discussed why everything had to be "luxury" these days. Don't estate agents ever try to sell "no frills" houses, houses that keep you warm and dry but not too much else ? Kitchens and bathrooms are often a particular area of luxury.

I even observed some luxury toilet rolls in the supermarket this evening !

Clothes are luxury as are holidays.

Surely "luxury" is hardly luxurious anymore as it is so common. If everything is "luxury" how do we distinguish what is out of the ordinary in its quality and comfort ?

Further examples of this luxurious life we all lead will be gratefully received.

Anyway I'm off to my luxury bed.

Good night.

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