Monday, November 13, 2006


My experiment with a fruit diet has met with mixed success.

Maybe the experts would just put it down to a "transition phase" but I did not feel entirely well for all of the time.

I think the problem is that in theory you can get a great deal of essential nutrients from fruit and vegetables but to get the right variety you would need to almost live in a greengrocers. Certainly just eating bananas wasn't that successful on Friday !

The other factor that makes it difficult is "other people" ! It sounds bad but it is true. It is difficult to go out to dinner with friends and just eat fruit ! People are liable to get offended.

We went to dinner with friends yesterday so I had an "everything diet" to avoid controversey and confusion.

However I have learnt a couple of things from this brief experience so far. There are benefits to be had from just eating fruit for a short period (e.g. a couple of days). You can feel fresher and more alert. Changing diets suddenly is not without health consquences so you need to be prepared and cautious. It certainly feels more healthy to be "caffeine free" for a while. Caffeine is an acceptable addiction for most people so it doesn't get too much attention. However in working environment in particular it is easy to overlook how dependent you can get on coffee.

Also, in a few days and in combination with a bit of jogging at the weekend I have lost 6 pounds. Nothing too dramatic but certainly better than a couple more gained.

So what next ? I have already given up attempting to live solely on fruit. Maybe that would be possible on a tropical island but not in London in November.

I am however trying to be more healthy, staying away from the Caffeine wagon and avoiding bread and other carbohydrates. If I continue to loose weight and feel healthy I will know I am doing something right.

Back with a new post and a change in subject shortly....................................................


SimonHolyHoses said...

6 pounds in a few days Luis?

That sounds like catastrophic change to me, bro! Well done!

Luis said...

Yes- according to the scales but I think they are accurate.

Since writing I have "plateaued" and have not lost more than 6 pounds. That is probably because I am eating more than fruit again and not much chance to exercise in the normal grind at work.