Sunday, November 19, 2006

Congratulations Tom and Katie !

I should start by reminding readers how much I dislike the cult of celebrity, how suspicious I am of the Hollywood agenda and how sceptical I am about Scientology.

Nonetheless, this blogger at least would at least like to offer congratulations to Tom and Katie on their wedding. Maybe for obvious reasons there is a lot of scepticism about Tom Cruise these days. However some of the commentary on his wedding is nothing but cruel and unpleasant.

They are a couple getting married who already have a baby to bring up. They deserve some happiness on their wedding day.

So Tom and Katie, in the very unlikely event you ever read this, just to wish you every happiness together. For those who pour scorn on you at the time of your wedding, may it just rebound on them.


Tom said...

That's very kind of you.......
Glad to know there are some decent thoughtful folk in London.

Luis said...

Yes- right ! Of course that would be you Mr. Cruise !

Nigel said...

pass the sick bag

Luis said...

This one seems to have provoked a bit of criticism (online and offline!).

I was simply saying that I would want to wish anyone well on their wedding day.

That in no way supports Hollywood or Scientology.

There had been some negative and unpleasant comments made in various media against Tom Cruise on his wedding.

My response to that was to wish them well.

Hope that is settled :-)