Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The joy of ......... coffee froth

A cautionary tale against working too long in an office.

A colleague of mine, in his late forties- balding, mustachioed and a bit portly offered to get me a coffee. I am still attempting a healthier life style, albeit significantly relaxed from the original position of a fruit diet two weeks ago ! So I asked for de-caf coffee.

This caused a momentary confusion.

Colleague: Do you want powder out of the jar ?
Me: Or the machine is fine if that does decaf. Whichever is easier.
Colleague: I am not sure if the machine does it. Let me go and look.

Colleague (returning from Kitchen) Yes it does.
Me: Good, I'll have that one then.
Colleague: I think I might go for one too.
Me: Right
Colleague: I am one for froth on my coffee. I really enjoy it. That's why I always go for the machine.

Me: Right

Colleague: In fact I get very disappointed if I take a coffee and by the time I get back to my desk, the froth has gone.

Me: -


Office life can be exceptionally dull
Colleagues can be exceptionally dull
The UK has very limited ability coffee machines


Kate said...

Please don't drink decaf as it has all harmful elements of normal coffee plus the additional elements to neutralise caffeine.

So it cannot be viewed as a healthy option. If you like coffee, it is better to drink normal coffee (in moderation)

Luis said...

Thanks Kate.

I will use your argument as justification for a return to normal coffee !

Sean said...

Your office sounds almost as exciting as mine !

Clare said...

I actually think it's rather sweet -- in this world of woes, people should get their jollies where they can.

Luis said...

Sean- offices seem to have some universal facets.

Clare- yes I agree people should get their jollies where they can. Thanks for breaking me out of some of my cynicism :-)