Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"G20- Meltdown"

The world comes to London today. The leaders of 20 nations from the US President, King of Saudia Arabia, French President and many others are in town.

"Obamamania" means he is the focus.

Today it is billed as the day of protestors. Anarchists, class-warriors, enviromentalists and many others are forming unlikely alliances.

The City of London has lost its pinstripe suits in favour of jeans as no one wants to be mistaken for a banker and attacked. Jewellers and electrical shops are closed. Banks are half-closed but Starbucks is still open.

At 10.15 all is fairly quiet in Moorgate. I saw no protestors at 8am when I walked from Cannon Street. I did however see some mysterious middle-aged men with rucksacks and a long bag near the Bank of England. They had short hair in a miliatary style cut and "sensible" shoes. They were otherwise casually dressed. Were these police "snipers" getting in position that the Times mentioned this morning ?

It looks like it will be a memorable day.

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