Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hong Kong

It is over two weeks since I returned from Hong Kong, one of my favourite cities. Hong Kong always feels to me to be quite a homely place. There are reminders of Britain at every corner whether it is just driving on the left, the electric plugs they use or the names of the streets. That said Hong Kong is also a Chinese city and developing ever closer links with its ruler, the People's Republic of China. Therefore Hong Kong is a unique blend of British, Chinese and a number of other influences too. Below are a collection of photos from my latest visit. I hope they give a flavour of the place and its variety.

A shopping centre at Causeway Bay.

Shoppers, office workers, tourists and others all mingle near Central District.

Shoppers prepare to cross the road on a rainy evening in Causeway Bay.

Another working day in Central, the Business District.

Temple in the mist, on Lantau island near to a giant statue of the Bhudda

Overlooking Hong Kong Park towards the "Mid-Levels" residential district

Sky-scrapers loom over Hong Kong Park- I won't mention the small advert at the top of one of them !

The IFC (International Financial Centre) tower disappears into the clouds.

A busy Sunday in Central. Many of those crossing are Phillipino workers or others from South East Asia enjoying their one day off each week. The streets are clogged on Sundays with such workers having picnics on the pavements.

Taxis pull into Stanley Market, on the south of Hong Kong island.

Boats off Stanley.

A shopping trolley is pushed past a temple in Stanley.

Work underway to extend Hong Kong island further into the harbour. At this rate it will soon link with the mainland side (Kowloon).

"Revellers" drinking after work in Lan Kwai Fong, Central.

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