Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Met Madness

The Metropolitan Police have now told some Austrian tourists to delete photos of buses "to prevent terrorism.

See here for full story. The Austrian father and son had their passport and hotel details recorded.

These days the Met seems to be going out of its way to offend as many people as possible.

As has been noted elsewhere, there is more than enough material on "Google Street view" to plan a terrorist attack anywhere in London. There is no need to go out and draw attention to yourself by taking photos. What is more, if past form is anything to go by the next terrorist attack will come from British born terrorists or failing that Pakistanis. Austrians are one of the least likely terrorist groupings.

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cw-patriot said...


The insanity of all of this is mind boggling. Rules for the sake of rules, infringing on the liberties of innocent people, while at the same time allowing all manner of suspicious behavior by those we should be watching closely.

A woman came into my office just a few days ago whose son is in the Air Force and had just been assigned to somewhere in the Middle East (she doesn't know where, other than he arrived safety at his destination on Monday).

She pulled out of her pocket a small canister, about the size of a film canister. In it were six very tiny dice, and on the side of the canister were written the rules of a dice game.

She told me that she had purchased this little game for her son to take along to his assignment, figuring that it is light, takes up maybe 1 1/2 cubic inches of space, and could provide him and his friends some 'entertainment' in their down time over there.

It turns out that he was not allowed to take it along with him, because it 'encouraged gambling.' (I'm not sure whether it was the military or customs that confiscated it for that reason.)

Yet another example of silly rules, during a time when meaningful ones are sorely lacking.

Best to you and yours, Luis ...

~ joanie