Friday, March 27, 2009

The great Daniel Hannan

Thank you to my blogging friend Joanie, who brought this speech to my attention from the other side of the Atlantic. Maybe a case of a prophet being without honour in his own country.....

I have heard Daniel Hannan speak in the past in Kent and he is a rare breed, someone unafraid to take a lonely path or court controversey in pursuit of what he believes in.

He has really become the man of the hour at a time when Britain seems to be becoming buried in its own debt. Daniel Hannan has undoubted gifts as an orator and he offers hope of a challenge to the status quo. If only he could assume a greater role in his party.

He is great in this speech and it is no surprise it has become a youtube hit with over a million views (comparing very favourably to the usual number of views his speeches get as a Conservative MEP for South East England !) . I encourage anyone who has not seen it, to watch it. It is in the European Parliament and Gordon Brown, despite only being shown once, is present and is the intended audience !

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