Tuesday, May 27, 2008


From Peter Brookes in the Times (of London)

What is particularly depressing about the latest wave of youth murders in London and beyond is the trivial subject matter they start over.

Not that murder over a "big issue" can be justified. However there is at least some rationale, however twisted, over a gang murder than for example seeks to protect a multi-million pound drug business. The mafia and their criminal like tend to kill for a reason, albeit their own distorted reasons.

The youth killings that this weekend reached just two miles from where we live saw the death of an aspiring 18 year old actor who had made it into the latest Harry Potter movie, seem utterly pointless. At most this murder was over a mobile phone. Others apparently occur over a "look".

It comes down to the notion of "respect". A strange notion almost completely divorced from the original definition of the word whereby those willing to use violence expect utter subservience from those around them. To act otherwise is to show "disrepect" and leads to a "punishment". Respect was once a voluntary act showing admiration to those we looked up to. Now it is some fear induced inaction towards those who use violence by those who do not.

It is a sad state of affairs and I am struggling to understand anything more at the moment.

For now, I remember a local family who have lost a son and a brother to senseless violence.

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