Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Real Power

I have today removed my "No torch in Tibet" logo from my blog as a mark of respect to all those Chinese who died in Monday's earthquake.

As the Olympic torch relay is now being scaled back this seems yesterday's argument. The Olympics will go ahead in Beijing but no doubt when at least 15,000 people have died in a single event this week, things Olympic must have rather less importance than they once seemed to.

The events in China are terrible and a reminder that even superpowers such as that which China is turning into can suffer at the hands of nature in a scale that is unimaginable. A population of 1.3 billion, a vast army and navy and GDP growing at 10 % is all irrelvant in the face of real power.

Such is humanity's true power in this world, let alone this universe.

May the people of Burma also enjoy the same relief as the people of China. This seems a bit of a vain hope.

Tibet is still oppressed and people in China do not have free speech. However in the face of the earthquake this for now seems a small issue.

May some good yet come out of these tragic events.


Rositta said...

We are hearing numbers in the 50,000 range with still missing people. Incredibly sad but at least China unlike Burma is asking for help...ciao

Luis said...

yes it seems it was truly terrible.

I agree that there are encouraging signs of change (albeit very slow) in China and this can only be welcome.