Saturday, May 10, 2008


Being in Ukraine, it is a little difficult to follow the news, but it is with sadness that I note that events in Burma are every bit as bad as I feared.

The story seems to be slipping down the news agenda but the military junta is continuing to deny free and proper access to aid agencies.

The is as tragic as it is obvious and thousands more Burmese will die (in addition to the unknown toll already)

As for the military junta's powerful ally, China, they have been silent as far as I can see. Worse still, the mainstream media seems to be missing the fact that China is alone in a position to exert real influence on the Burmese (or Myamese ?) government.

What started as a natural disaster is turning into a manmade catastrophe, aided and abetted by the Burmese government keen to keep a restive population weak and quiet. This in turn is tacitly approved by those Olympic lovers in the Chinese government.

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