Sunday, June 17, 2007

Soaking June

Despite my sarcastic comments on the Met Office's geographical knowledge earlier, I am probably in quite a small minority of people who regularly view their website ! The London Met Office is probably one of the strongest weather centres in the world. I am not sure how many other countries offer careers in weather !

What their site does show is June has been a rather wet month. This week saw floods in Northern Ireland, Yorkshire, the Midlands and Essex.

However aside from the obvious areas for summer storms such as the Caribbean, Southern USA and India, I have read of heavy rain and floods in places as diverse as Malta, Istanbul, Germany, Oman (particularly bad), Iran and Australia.

Where did the expression "Flaming June" come from ? This has to be one of the soggiest Junes for a long time. Wimbledon is only a week away so maybe the rain will last until then, giving Cliff Richard a chance to do some of his traditional Wimbledon sing songs !

For anyone really looking for summer sun and heat I can recommend Ukraine as my Mother-in-law informs us that temperatures have been approaching 38 C (100 F) for the last few weeks.

Here is June's archive to date from the Met Office including todays's news of Swedish snow :

Snow follows heatwave in Sweden
17 Jun 2007Snows close South American highway
17 Jun 2007Storms prompt flooding in Houston
15 Jun 2007Monsoon lightning kills 21
15 Jun 2007China floods result in 76 deaths
15 Jun 2007Lightning causes garden fire
15 Jun 2007Rain lashes US state
16 Jun 2007Heavy snow surprises observers
16 Jun 2007Thousands affected by Kenyan floods
14 Jun 2007Temperatures above average in Ireland
14 Jun 2007One dead after US thunderstorm
14 Jun 2007Drought leads to food shortage
14 Jun 2007Contaminated water threat follows flood
13 Jun 2007Pakistan heatwave set to continue
13 Jun 2007Monsoon rains intensifying
13 Jun 2007Canadians warned of heat hazard
13 Jun 2007Oklahoma hit by flooding
13 Jun 2007Tropical storm forms in Pacific
13 Jun 2007Cold weather creates livestock hazard
12 Jun 2007Three dead after Swiss storm
12 Jun 2007Heat 'could lead to food poisoning'
12 Jun 2007Thousands affected by floods
12 Jun 2007Locals die in Indian heatwave
12 Jun 200723 die in Iranian cyclone
12 Jun 2007Rain prompts Bangladesh landslides
11 Jun 2007Australian storm causes evacuations
11 Jun 2007Man dies in Ohio thunderstorms
11 Jun 2007German storm results in 27 injuries
11 Jun 2007Dozens die in Chinese floods
11 Jun 2007Teen killed after lightning strike
11 Jun 2007New Zealand endures wintry blizzard
10 Jun 2007Three die in Chinese flood
10 Jun 2007Istanbul hit by flooding
08 Jun 2007Temperatures soar in Indian city
08 Jun 2007Storm system affects US states
08 Jun 2007Storm lashes Australian state
08 Jun 2007Locals evacuate storm-hit village
09 Jun 2007Norwegians enjoy heatwave
09 Jun 2007Downpour hits Australian state
07 Jun 200712 die in Oman cyclone
07 Jun 2007Storm disrupts South African roads
07 Jun 2007Water use restricted to stave off drought
07 Jun 2007Storms lash Canadian province
06 Jun 2007Extended rainfall hits Queensland
06 Jun 2007Malaysian homes flooded out
06 Jun 2007Farmers 'face worst drought in 125 years'
06 Jun 2007Motorists warned in bad weather
06 Jun 2007Millions short of drinking water
06 Jun 2007Surprise rain brings flooding (Malta)
06 JunFive die in Chinese lightning strike
05 Jun 2007Bulgarian village flooded
05 Jun 2007Canada prepares for floods
05 Jun 2007Seven die in heavy rains
05 Jun 2007Cyclone approaches Oman
05 Jun 2007Kuala Lumpur hit by floods
04 Jun 2007Farmers concerned over Bhutan heat
04 Jun 2007Five die in Ghanaian floods
04 Jun 200737 die in Indian heatwave
04 Jun 2007Ski season starts on time
04 Jun 2007Floods follow heavy rain
04 Jun 200729 die in Bangladesh heatwave
03 Jun 2007Drought hits Florida water supplies
03 Jun 2007Melbourne temperatures break records
01 Jun 2007Toddler dies from heat exposure (UAE)
01 Jun 2007Man dies after lightning strike
01 Jun 2007Farmers ordered not to go on fields
01 Jun 2007Indian heatwave continues
02 Jun 2007Severe hailstorms hit China

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