Monday, June 04, 2007

A dust cart named Ethos

Today's been a rather funny day.

I was walking through the City this morning when I saw a dust cart collecting rubbish ("gabbage" for any US readers). Emblazened along its side was the logo "Ethos". Maybe I am missing something but I never associated this word with rubbish collection before!

Then the London Olympic Committee announced that this was to be the logo for the 2012 olympics:


Well if we're using the phrase in this way, I think this looks a load of "Ethos" to me ! Worth £400,000 of anyone's time I'm sure !

It's on days like this that I wonder is there another way.

As the riots in Rostock this weekend show there are a lot of people unhappy with the status quo. The G8 summit is becoming remembered more for the riots than the policy output. Rostock 2007 is "the most violent since Genoa 2001" the pundits say almost in the manner of a weather forecaster reviewing this year's summer.

But I wouldn't see myself fitting in with those opponents of the status quo !

And now Mr. Putin threatens to aim his nuclear missiles on Europe. So for now I will, of course, show loyality to my country and accept the land of dustcarts named Ethos and where £400,000 of tax payer's money is spent on something a 5-year old could do better- this is all part of what I sometimes grudgingly accept as the price for freedom.......

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