Monday, January 22, 2007

I know nothing......

Big Head, little brain- Channel 4 Chief Executive Andy Duncan refused to comment at the height of "Jadegate".
Meanwhile back in the house.................
the more Dirk suffers from bullying by the remnants of Jade's gang, the higher his chances. It's all over on Sunday 28th January and as long as either Dirk, Shilpa, Jermaine or at a pinch Ian win, I will not be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I thought u said u were done with this?

Luis said...

Thank you anonymous for highlighting my inconsistency.

For anyone who isn't watching Celebrity Big Brother, I can appreciate that this means absolutely nothing apart from may a lot of strange coverage in the regular media.

Anyway I will try to stick to what I said in future.

I stand corrected :-)

Paula said...

Well, I've enjoyed reading your Big Brother rants! Okay, admittedly I don't feel like I've learnt anything, like I do after reading your usual blog, but I have felt like I'm not the only one that is outraged and bemused by the phenomenon that is Big Brother and what it says about our society!

Luis said...

Glad you enjoyed my rants Paula and it is kind of you to say you actually learn something reading my usual blog !!

Like many, I do of course fully appreciate how low brow and trivial Big Brother really is. Nonetheless in terms of being a talking about and a reflection on issues in British Society, it has just about been the biggest story in the last week (apart from possibly the gales on Thursday).

When you walk past newspaper headlines every morning and evening about the antics of Jade, Shilpa and co it is quite difficult to write about anything else.

I blame Mrs. Donatella for having CBB on the TV to start with. But for that, I may have been completely different. However this one does have Dirk Benedict aka Faceman as a key point of interest to me- in case you hadn't noticed !!

Was investigating films Shilpa has been in today. They all seem quite pricey- £15-£20 for a DVD which is quite pricey for an experiment. I may only like her in the context of CBB ??