Thursday, January 11, 2007

Go Face !

This seems a quiet January in London.

So quiet in fact that for the first time ever I have regularly viewed a series of Big Brother- albeit "Celebrity" Big Brother ! Previously I had always viewed Big Brother as brain dead drivel for the masses. Maybe my standards are slipping ?!

This blog is supporting only one contestant- Dirk Benedict aka "Face" from the A-Team.

I grew up watching the A-Team. That was a time when America was "cool" and for 10 year old boys there was nothing cooler than the A-Team ! The A-Team stood for doing what was right even if their methods were a little unorthodox and they were misunderstood by others.

Set against the other "celebrities" in the "house ", "Face" stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

Go Face !(or maybe Hannibal mainly said "Go BA"!)

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