Saturday, January 13, 2007

And maybe, if you can find them, you could hire- the A-Team

But where could you find them now ?

(Age has wearied the A-Team but above is a reminder of the glory days.)

For "Hannibal" or George Peppard, I would like to think the answer is - in Heaven.

He succumbed to lung cancer in 1994

George Peppard (1928-1994) RIP

For "Face" or Dirk Benedict the answer is more cheerful. He is currently living in a certain house in Elstree, Hertfordshire.

Big Brother is watching Dirk. He is divorced, has 3 sons and has done a variety of parts in films and TV since the A-Team.

For "BA Baracus" or Mr. T or even Laurence Tureaud, things appear fine. He has just given up his customary jewellery apparently in tribute to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Like the others fame has been more modest since the A-Team but he did make a name for himself in Rocky III. Mr. T is a born again Christian.

"Pity the fool," who gets the wrong side of Mr. T. Even his photo came out big ! This is his post-Katrina version wearing a rather dapper chalk-stripe suit !

And last, but not least "Howling Mad Murdoch" or Dwight Schultz is alive and well. He has done further acting, including much theatre work and a successful spell in Startrek: The Next Generation. Unusually, for an actor he has now been married for over 23 years.

Not such a crazy fool, "Murdoch" is obviously older but has done many successful projects as well as being quite family orientated.

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