Sunday, October 08, 2006

Monday morning therapy !

Aahhhhhgggg- it's nearly Monday morning. Well I felt like that in my last job anyway.

Still for those of you looking for a brief distraction I can recommend uploading a photo of yourself into this website where using the latest face recognition technology (allegedly) they will come up with the celebrity faces most like your own.

In my case they seem quite a range:

Steve Buscemi (actor)
Rowan Atkinson (actor- well Mr. Bean- great !)
Ashlee Simpson- a flattering if unexpected comparison !
Alexander Lukashenko- Dictator of Bylorussia !
Travis Tritt- aging rocker
Raoul Bova- Italian actor !
Joshua Jackson- former Dawson's Creek hunk
Harold Wilson- former British Prime Minister

Conclusion: Concerned about Mr. Bean and Alexander Lukashenko. The other chaps I've hardly heard of. My genes definitely come out better in female form :-) I'll never look at Ashlee Simpson in the same way again :-)

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Anonymous said...

my god, what do you look like :-)