Saturday, October 21, 2006

Countries I've seen.........

Another internet toy- this site lets you fill in the countries you've visited and comes up with a world map with all those countries coloured red- rather like how the British Empire used to be shown (on British maps!!).

I'm afraid it doesn't distinguish between mere stop over and extensive visiting or living. It looks like a lot of red but Russia and Canada cover a lot of space between them ! I travelled enough in my previous jobs to know the difference between mere travel and actually getting to know and understand a place. I think I would be happy if I'd seen a few less countries but knew a few more a bit better.

The countries I seem to have spent the most time in so far are:

United Kingdom- at least 25 full years from birth to date
Malta- off and on in my first 7 years
Sweden- several months off and on with work

All the others probably range between 3 months in total for somewhere like France to a couple of hours stop-over in Iceland- I'd love to go back for a closer look at Reykjavik........

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

You can do your own map by following the above link....


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