Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kate Adie Returns to Tiananmen Square

If anyone has a spare hour and an interest in contemporary China, this progamme comes highly recommended.

Katie Adie reports from Beijing where 20 years ago she reported live from the massacre perpetrated by the Chinese People's Army in Tiananmen Square.

It is available on this site until 10th June.

Programme description:

Kate Adie returns to the scene of one of her most memorable assignments: reporting the massacre of hundreds of civilians in Beijing on the 3rd and 4th June, 1989. She was one of the few Western reporters out on the streets then, and witnessed the killings at close quarters. Now she has to travel undercover to meet other eyewitnesses and victims' families to hear their moving and shocking testimonies.

Broadcast on:
BBC Two, 9:00pm Wednesday 3rd June 2009
60 minutes
Available until: 9:59pm Wednesday 10th June 2009

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Steve said...

Amazing lady.

Thanks for the link.