Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ian Tomlinson: Not (totally) forgotten

Every day as I walk to my office on route from the station, I pass by the Bank of England.

I find myself wondering what is happening about the various enquiries into the death of Ian Tomlinson, the newspaper seller beaten to the ground by the police during the G20 protests in April.

For those who remember the details, he was minding his own business and a video showed him as a rather vulnerable figure posing no threat to anyone. He was attacked from behind by the Police and died a few minutes later of unproven causes.

The whole incident and the aggressive approach of the Police that day shook my faith in an institution that I had been brought up to trust. Many investigations were promised but everything seems to have gone very quiet.

Ian Tomlinson did not come from a wealthy or well educated family and it seems that less is now being heard of the investigation than if a stockbroker or banker had been killed that day.

A quick "google" shows it is only the New York Times that has written anything about the case in the last few weeks. What a pity that the domestic media has proved so fickle and has moved onto the obsession into MPs expenses.

I feel there is little I can do personally on this but everytime I walk past the Bank of England I remember Ian Tomlinson and realise his death has not been adequately explained and he has not yet had justice.

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Anonymous said...

A rather sinister silence if you ask me,my opinion is that a "D-notice" has been placed on the story(i.e a press blanket ban)We have since had more police beatings,waterboarding and now a double taser attack with repeated punching of a suspect lying on the ground...and yet not one of these stories has even mentioned the Tomlinson case?????????????