Sunday, February 08, 2009

From Tokyo back to the frozen place

I seem to be finding ever less time to write on this blog of late. Apologies to those who are still following ! For the last week I was in Tokyo. It is an amazing city of light and energy, of which I hope to write shortly. Just look at their underground train map below (click on photo to expand).
This was the scene from the plane window as I prepared to land back in London yesterday. It is still all rather cold and frozen. However I missed the worst snows London has seen for 18 years, the travel chaos and the days "working from home". All appears to be working now but winter is definitely remaining for now.


Rositta said...

I was thinking of you when I saw the news about the snow in your neck of the woods. Brits simply can't cope can they...ciao

Luis said...

Generally - no ! Or some of us don't want to cope for the sake of a day off work ! (not me of course:-))

Now we are almost flooding. This has been quite a bad winter by our tame standards- nothing to challenge a Canadian of course !!