Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A plague on all our houses

A sobering thought for those, who like me, try to move away when a passenger with a bad cold gets on the train and sits beside you.

Justify Full
An al-quaeda cell in Algeria
have apparently been wiped out by the medieval disease, the black death. The chilling prospect is that they were developing a strain to spread in Western cities. We can only hope that the specialist knowledge to do this, died with them. Certainly it is a grim thought that terror may not come in bombs but simply in an infected person spreading a deadly disease by walking around a city. Al-quaeda is noted for its creative thinking and the absence of recent significant attacks in the west is no real grounds for complacency.
I will certainly try to keep things perspective the next time I think I catch someone's cold on public transport. It could clearly be a lot worse.

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