Saturday, August 16, 2008

You have to wonder about the President of Georgia

The man who just last week ordered an artillery and rocket assault on a largely civilian but rebel province of his country has done quite well in terms of global sympathy. Nicolas Sarkozy, Condoleezza Rice and David Cameron (no less!) have all made the pilgramage to Tiblisi this week.

Of course the level of Russian response has been highly questionable and the thuggish elements of South Ossettian militia and Chechen fighters have done no favours for Russia's international image. I still maintain, unless or until someone can prove to me otherwise, that in the face of an artillery assault on their rebelious allies, Russia was obliged to react with force in some way.

I intend to write more fully on this shortly and would welcome contrary views. However so far I am not too impressed by the partiality of the mainstream media.

Below is a short clip that shows the President of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, eating his tie! It is from the BBC in London and not some Russian propoganda agency so it would seem authentic. You have to wonder....

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