Friday, August 08, 2008

8/8/08 Meanwhile not in China......

Russia and Georgia seem to be at war.

It is not realistic or reasonable to expect a military superpower to let its citizens be killed by an external force as seems to have happened to Russians in South Ossetia, the disputed region of Georgia.

In terms of timing the Chinese see today (8/8/08) as a lucky day. It is potentially lucky for Russia as they have two weeks to do whatever they want in Georgia while the world's media is watching races in Beijing. If Russia releases its might it would seem Georgia doesn't stand a chance. For peace in that region we can only hope that both sides show restraint.

However in reality Russia may want to use this opportunity to prove its strength. The list of complaints from Russia over the last decade is long from the loss of its satellite republics, NATO expansion to its borders and even the recent attempt to shift the loyalities of its Balkan ally Serbia.

The recent developments conceal the underlying currents in that Russia has the force, the wealth and most importantly the oil to dominate more than it has until recently.

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