Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tibet-China Links and Information

Over the last two weeks I have been covering the issue of Tibet and its oppressive rule by China quite extensively on this blog.

The lack of human rights in China in a year that the will see the Olympic Games used as an opportunity to showcase a modern China is something I feel strongly about.

However I do not pretend to be able to do the subject justice and I also do not plan to turn my blog into a single issue forum. While I plan to cover Tibet and China issues on an ongoing basis, for any readers more interested in this issue, I list below a few links to sites that are focused solely on this subject.

The links relate to people and groups from a variety of backgrounds and view points. While I may not agree with all views expressed on those sites I can recommend them as interesting and informative sites on the Tibetan issue.

Beijing wide open Lhadon Tethong, a Canadian Tibetan activist reports on developments in the run up to the Olympics from the heart of Beijing.

"China has invited the world to visit in August 2008. Exactly one year out, I've traveled to the heart of the nation that has brutally occupied my homeland for over 50 years. Follow this blog, as I share what I see, feel, and experience... leaving Beijing wide open. "

Students for a free Tibet New York based international group campaigning for a free Tibet. Their website is regularly updated with news from Tibet.

The Tibetan People's Uprising Movement Daily news from a march in India to the Tibetan border

"Tibetans living in exile in India have launched a March to Tibet as part of the Tibetan People's Uprising Movement. This historic Movement aims to revive the spirit of the Tibetan national uprising of 1959, and by engaging in nonviolent direct action, bring about an end to China's illegal occupation of Tibet"

Tibetan Uprising - photos from the march in India

Free Tibet- UK based organisation Organises a number of London based protests including a protest scheduled to coincide with the arrival of the Olympic flame in the capital on April 6th (next Sunday)


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