Saturday, March 22, 2008

North Korea

Below is a series of short clips from North Korean propoganda based films (there are plenty more on Youtube) which are an eerie window into life into that country.

First a commentary on Kim Jon Il ("Dear Leader") as a great athlete. This doesn't sit well with his middle aged slightly portly physique. Matters are not helped further by the English translator having an accent similar to that of Officer Crabtree in BBC1's "Allo, Allo" !

Next more of the cult of Kim Jong Il. He is both a Father and if the subtitles are accurate a "God".

Finally a propoganda film showing the "good life" in North Korea. At times it almost seems a Korean version of Little House on the Prairie.

The one-sided, cultish feel is really quite disturbing. Although some of the films are quite dated in feel, unlike in many parts of the world there has been no real change in North Korea to this day.


Anonymous said...

LOL. The Great Athlete One @ 0.23- the students send up choos !

Steve said...

Like the Olympic style flame on 2.03 of the Great Athlete.

Luis said...

I know- as some people say- "you couldn't make it up" !