Friday, February 01, 2008

Igglepiggle enters the Financial mainstream !

Yesterday when I picked up the FT at work I thought briefly I had been spending too much time in baby world watching "In the Night Garden". One of the characters from that programme,Igglepiggle, had appeared in the FT too !

In actual fact the FT journalist Jonathan Guthrie was going on to make a point about the dangers of name calling at work which can lead to legal action as it did by the actor playing "Tombliboo Ooo" on the set of In the Night Garden.

Amazing, watching baby TV can help make sense of reading the FT too !

Whatever next ? Gordon Brown will praise the environmental credentials of the Ninky Nonk (a special train to the uninitiated !). Come to think of it, the Ninky Nonk would be a big improvement on the services offered by South Eastern at present !

The dangers of talking dutty at work
By Jonathan Guthrie
Published: January 31 2008 02:00 Last updated: January 31 2008 02:00
Once upon a time three Tombliboos - Ooo, Eee and Un - lived together in the Tombliboo Bush. They played with their friend Igglepiggle, took rides in the Pinky Ponk and all loved each other very much. Then Ooo hurt his back, lost his job and complained that Eee had subjected him to homophobic taunts such as "faggot" and "bitch". Big hug? No chance. See you in court.

Tombliboos are innocent creatures with large bottoms and bobbly heads. But the performers who don costumes to portray them for the children's TV series In The Night Garden are more complicated. I witnessed some of the tears before bedtime at a recent employment tribunal. This highlighted the dangers that arise when a minority culture mingles with the mainstream one of the workplace.


Paula said...

Nice to see someone else living in my Upsy Daisy world!

Luis said...

Of course ! Although we're more Igglepiggle fans ourselves !